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  Safety Cards "U"
Airline Aircraft Comment Card-Type
737-300/500 old design single card
737-300/500   single card
737-400   single card
737-800   single card
767-300ER   single card
ERJ-190/195   single card
A320   3-folder
737   3-folder
DC-10 Overwater 3-folder
A319   3-folder
727-200   3-folder
747 Overwater 3-folder
747-400   3-folder
A319   3-folder
A319 Additional Stamp:
Final assembly of this aircraft was in Germany
A320   3-folder
737-300   3-folder
737-500   3-folder
757   3-folder
757 Overwater 3-folder
757 3-Cabin 3-folder
767-300 2-Cabin 3-folder
767-300 3-Cabin 3-folder
777 Overwater 3-folder
A320 old design 3-folder
737-800/900 old design 3-folder
747 old design
757-200 old design 3-folder
767-300 old design 3-folder
767-300 old design
767-400 old design 3-folder
777-200 old design 3-folder
777 old design
A320   3-folder
737-800/900 silver 3-folder
737-800/900 orange 3-folder
737-800/900 pink 3-folder
747-400   3-folder
757-200   3-folder
757-300   3-folder
767-300   3-folder
777-200 77D
777-200 77G
777-200 77H
787   3-folder
BAe-146   3-folder
F-27 500   3-folder
CL-65 operated by Air Wisconsin  3-folder
ERJ-145   3-folder
CRJ 700 opb. GoJet 3-folder
Dash8-Q400 opb. Republic Airlines 3-folder
EMB-145 opb. Trans State Airlines 3-folder
EMB-145 Airstairs
opb. Trans State Airlines
EMB-145 opb. Expressjet 3-folder
EMB 170/175 opb. Shuttle America 3-folder
E175 opb. Skywest folder
E175 opb. Skywest 3-folder
A319   single card
A320   single card
A320   3-folder
727-200   3-folder
737   3-folder
DC-9   4-folder
Fokker100   4-folder
DHC.6 Twin Otter operated by Crown Airlines INC 3-folder
Dash 7 operated by Henson Aviation INC 3-folder
Dash 8 Series 100 operated by StatesWest Airlines INC 3-folder
Shorts 360 operated by Pennsylvania Airlines 3-folder
Dash 8 Henson Aviation C/C 8250070 3-folder
A321   3-folder
A330   3-folder
737-400   3-folder
MD-80   3-folder
A319   3-folder
A319 EOW 3-folder
A320   3-folder
A320 EOW 3-folder
A321   3-folder
A330   3-folder
757   3-folder
767   3-folder
CRJ-200 operated by

Airlines, Inc.
ATR-72   single card
737-500   single card
TY-134   single card
TY-154   single card
ATR-42 UTAir Aviation single card
737-500 new design single card
757-200 new design single card
767-200 new design single card
CRJ200 new design single card
A310   3-folder
757   3-folder
767 VP-BUZ
RJ85 old Grey design single card
YAK-40 Lufthansa Design single card
757 Rev. 24 new design single card
767 Rev. 24 new design
UK-67003 UK-67004
UK-67005 UK-67006
single card

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