Welcome to my Safety Card Page
  Safety Cards "J"
Airline Aircraft Comment Card-Type
747-400   folder
777-200   folder
777-300   folder
737-800   single card
767-300 c single card
ATR72                     folder
737-300   folder
737-800   3-folder
737-300   single card
737-800   single card
737-400   single card
737-700   single card
737-800   single card
767-300 silver version single card
E-Jet E190   single card
A330-200   3-folder
737-400   3-folder
737-700   3-folder
737-800/900   3-folder
777-300ER   3-folder
A320 old design with blue front 4-folder
A320 airplane on front Rev11/00 4-folder
A320 new mosaic design 4-folder
A321   4-folder
ERJ190 new mosaic design    3-folder
A320-200   3-folder
A320 old style folder
A320 no jetStar logo
A320 no jetStar logo
A320 new Version with orange frame single card
A320-232                                                 folder
A321-231   folder
ATR operated by Jet Time single card
737-300   single card
MD-81/82/83   single card
A320   folder
Avro RJ   single card

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