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Since I have been a member of the safety card world for many years now, I have had the pleasure of meeting and talking to many other collectors around the globe. Here you can find a list of all the people that I have traded with over the years.

These are the people that I regularly trade with. I have swapped cards 20+ times with some of them. I have no hesitation to recommend them as I believe that they are absolutely thrustworthy.
Jan Alexander Lück safetycards.de
Constantin Clezl airlinesafetycards.net
René Huddlestone plaza.ch/stones
Fabrice Milesi fabrice.milesi@wanadoo.fr
Christian Eidenhammer Facebook
Tino Lehmann sxf-spotterlempio.de

Although I do not trade cards on a regular basis with these collectors, I have had the pleasure of trading with them a few times in the past. Once again, they are absolutely thrustworthy and I highly recommend everyone on this list.
Carlos Pessini psafetycards.com
Fernando Gilbert safetycardslatinamerica.com
Konstantin Eisl k.eisl@chello.at
Olivier Arnaud Facebook
Heiko Wauer heiko.wauer@googlemail.com
Lutz Lehmann Facebook
Nicolas Kaehlin Facebook
Sebastien Hansart sebastien.hansart@yahoo.com
Vladimir Kondrashov lk20042007@yandex.ru
Joerg Ranft Facebook
Philipp Steinbart Facebook
Chris Kraus Facebook
Lars Ortloff Facebook
Yves Dejardin Facebook
Miroslav Hosticka Facebook
Patrick Becker Facebook
David Franklin kiwi59@web.de
Marcin A. M. Sikorzak Facebook
Marco Allieri http://www.allieri.byethost7.com
Lutz Pfeiffer lutz_pfeiffer@yahoo.de
Charles Kennedy Facebook
Gustavo Kaufmann Facebook
Niklas Wadewitz safetycards@web.de
Carl G. Reese sales@cabinsafety.com
Marius Höpner Facebook
Marcin Chmielewski Facebook
Holger Wendland Holger.Wendland@twoonix.com
Sebastian Zwack sebi98db@gmail.com

I used to trade with these people a while ago. However, I have not heard from them in years so I don't know if they are still in business or not.
Maximilian Reimann safety-cards.de.tl
Tim Nicolausen timnicolausen.net
James Smith Facebook
Daniel Batschkus somesafetycards.de.tl
Nestor Arrizabalaga babyboeing737@gmail.com
Niklas Wadewitz npwad@web.de
Marco Frola marco.frola@fondiaria-sai.ti
Manfred Pösenhofer poesen@aon.at
Bernhard Frois safetycards.at.tf
Walter Farber walterfarber.twoday.net
Ron Fairclough ron.safety@cwctv.net
Marco van Veen mgvanveen@hotmail.com
Lukas Stransky lukas.stransky@quick.cz
Alexander Calderon aleks_mm@yahoo.com
Marcel Vöse aeropictures.webs.com

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