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  Safety Cards "D"
Airline Aircraft Comment Card-Type
A319ACJ                     single card
A319ACJ DCA single card
Citation X DCA folder
Citation XLS DCA single card
BAe 146   single card
737-200/300   single card
737-400   single card
ATR 42/72   single card
A320   single card
ATR 42/72   single card
EMB120 Brasilia single card
Avro RJ85/100 checkerboard stripes on side single card
Avro RJ85/100 checkerboard stripes on top and bottom single card
727-200 Shuttle 4-folder
757   6-folder
L-1011   5-folder
727 3-95 3-folder
727 11-95 3-folder
767-300ER   3-folder
757   3-folder
767-200   3-folder
767-300ER   3-folder
757-200 old design 3-folder
757-200(N) old design 3-folder
757-300 old design 3-folder
767-300ER(G) old design 3-folder
DC-9-30/40/50 old design  3-folder
MD88 old design 3-folder
A319   3-folder
A319(OW)   3-folder
A319(OW) Safe & Secure 3-folder
A330   3-folder
717-200   3-folder
737   3-folder
737-900ER   3-folder
747-400(S)   3-folder
757-200   3-folder 
757-200(OW)   3-folder
757-200VIP Safe & Secure  3-folder
757-300   3-folder
767-300   3-folder
767-300(ER)   3-folder
767-300ER(G)   3-folder
767-400(ER)   3-folder
777-200   3-folder
CRJ200(XJ)   3-folder
CRJ700(EV)   3-folder
DC-9-50   3-folder
E170/175 (CP)   3-folder
MD88   3-folder
MD88 Safe & Secure 3-folder
MD90 purple/pink  3-folder
MD90 yellow 3-folder
MD90 blue
final assembly in China
ATR-72   3-folder
CRJ200   3-folder
CRJ-50   3-folder
737-300   3-folder
Fokker 100   single card
Fokker 50 Issue Nr.2 09-2000 single card
Fokker 100   folder
737-300   folder
737-300   single card
737-300 blue single card
737-300 white single card
737-300 green single card
Fokker100   single card
Jetstream 32   single card
A319 Donavia single card
737-500 Donavia single card
A320   single card
Yak-42   single card
A320   single card
A319   folder
A320   single card
767-200 Freighter 3-folder
767-200   3-folder
767-200 Dynamic International Airways 3-folder

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